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Personalised Yantra

Yantras are the Secret source of positive energies.

Our Yantras are designed according to your date of birth and purpose.


Yantra is the Sanskrit word for a mystical diagram, supposed to possess occult powers. It is an instrument, apparatus, talisman or mystical diagram that encapsulates energetic vibrations. In some Vedic translations, a Yantra is described as a “machine.” Great yogis and ancient writings praised the power of Yantras as effective and convenient tools on the path of self-realisation. They are the visual tools of energy patterns and the most powerful devices for harnessing the divine energies.


Our Yantras:

  • are designed taking into account the traditional principles, sacred geometry, fractals and the golden ratio
  • help to evoke the consciousness and connects our inner world with the ultimate source of energy (Parmathma / God / Cosmic Energy)
  • protect you from evil energies
  • generate positive Energies to increase Wealth, Prosperity, Happiness and Relationships and give you overall success in life
  • are the most powerful tools used in Vaastu and Feng Shui corrections

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