Vaastu and Feng Shui

Harmonize and Energise Your Premise

To be Healthy, Wealthy, Prosperous and to live happily your premise should be in tune with the five elements The Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space.

It should follow the scientific principles of Gravity, Magnetism, Wind Energy, Solar Energy.

It should be free from EMF, Bad Radiations and also from all Evil and Negative energies. 

In the complete Universe(Galaxy) life exists only on earth. Though the natural conditions on earth are the cause of our survival we cannot live all throughout the day and night in the open sky. We require shelter to protect ourselves from the weather, unwanted energies, harsh and negative vibrations.

Each room in a premise is used for a reason. For example kitchen for cooking food (Element Fire); Bedroom for sleeping (Element Earth); Marketing Chamber (Element Metal).

According to the major activity of a room, each room gets classified to fall into one of the element category – Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space

These Five Elements are interactive which stimulate and shape our daily life. It is important to understand that these elements in your premise are in a natural order leading to harmony, prosperity and happiness.

We audit the premise to check the basic Structural Vaastu Principles, positive and negative energies in and around the premise.

We check whether the Element balance in your premise is in the natural order or not.

We check whether your premise is in balance with Yin (feminine) and Yang (the masculine) energies

This depends on many factors like:

  • Location of the premise
  • Shape of the Premise
  • Location of the Road
  • Ground levels
  • Articles in and around the premise
  • Entrance of the Premise
  • Type of construction
  • Location of Rooms
  • Location of Bedrooms
  • Location of Kitchen
  • Location of Toilets
  • Location of Staircase
  • Location of Entrances
  • Location of Windows
  • Air Flow
  • Light Flow
  • Gravitational Balance
  • Energy Flow and Balance etc…

After the audit, we correct the missing links and missing elements to balance the energies, energize the premise and protect the premise from negative energies.

No breakages, Simple corrections, the missing energies are activated through Crystals, Yantras, Colour Combinations, Simple Articles etc…

Act Now. Get your premise audited by us and live in a harmonized, energized, shielded and protected premise.