Experience the journey back into your own past lives and unlock their secrets.

  • Free yourself from your past karmas, traumas.
  • Clear your traumatic memories.
  • Remove phobias, sufferings and get rid of your limiting beliefs.
  • Bring a powerful change in your life.

Past life regression is a technique that uses Hypnosis / NLP to recover the memories of past lives or incarnations.

Past-Life-Regression works on the body, mind, emotions and spirit. 

  • Improves the spiritual quality of the life.
  • Makes life easier, better and more fulfilling.
  • Creates a path for a deep change to take place at the very source of the problem.
  • Directly corrects the internal cause.


The benefits of Past Life Regression…

  1. You will begin to move on to a more fulfilling career
  2. You will break free of the past and you will begin to achieve your TRUE potential
  3. You will be able to break free the bonds that tie you to poverty, insufficiency and lack
  4. You will find yourself free of personal problems