Miracles of Numerology

Can you imagine your life without numbers? From the time we are born numbers become part of our life. The time, the day, the month, the year we are born are all represented and are documented via numbers.

Every moment, every second of our life is surrounded by numbers…time, day, date, month, year, money transactions, commutation, address, mobile numbers…  are all in numbers.

All these numbers are affecting us in some way or the other.

The Art and Science of understanding the Vibrations and the effect of the numbers in our life is Numerology.

The General representation of numbers:

Number 1 Sun – Your life force and willpower.
Number 2 Moon – Your emotions and inner life.
Number 3  Jupiter – Your creativity and the way you express yourself
Number 4 Rahu – Your luck, the way you deal with money.
Number 5 Mercury – Your communication and the material expression.
Number 6  Venus – Your life-giving force.
Number 7 Ketu – Your truths and the mysteries of life.
Number 8  Saturn – Your material reality
Number 9  Mars – Your internal conflict and outer harmony.

Let the Mysterious and Powerful Science of Numbers shape your Destiny.

To know Your Lucky:

  • Name
  • Numbers
  • Days
  • Colours
  • Directions
  • Gemstone
  • Crystals, etc..



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