What is NLP( Neuro Linguistic Programming)?

NLP is the way how you understand and know the world and everyone around you. It is…

  • What you do, how you do 
  • How you create your own reality
  • The study of the detailed pattern of things in every act of an individual is NLP

NLP studies the process as to how an individual or an organisation gets an outstanding result. Then replicates the process and teaches others so that they can also get the same results. This process is called Modelling.

NLP is a Magic Tool 

NLP studies experience from the inside

NLP is more than just a collection of Techniques 

NLP stands for:

N is Neuro: 

Neuro is our nervous system and mind which helps us experience the world through our senses

Visual:  The images/pictures the way we process them in our mind

Auditory:  The sound the way we process it in our mind

Kinesthetic: The touch /feelings the way we process them in our mind

Olfactory:  The smells the way we process them in our mind

Gustatory:  The tastes the way we process them in our mind


L is Linguistic:

Linguistic is the way we use language and communication system. It is the way we store these experiences. It is also the internal dialogues (self-talk) which go on in our mind and the way it affects our perception towards:

Pictures; Sounds; Feelings; Smells and Tastes


P is for Programming: 

Programming is the way we sequence our actions to achieve our goals.

NLP is an Experience, an Attitude and Methodology Which create a series of Techniques.


We use different techniques and patterns of NLP in our individual sessions, counselling and corporate training.

Some of our NLP Sessions are:

Free Yourself Sessions:

For those who are stuck and living in stress (basically for all)

What good is life if we cannot live and leave this world peacefully, happily, satisfied and blissfully.

Can peace come to us without first emptying the garbage stored in our mind? Our mind is full of unwanted thoughts, pressures, worries etc. Peace will come when we can empty this garbage. NLP and different Trance techniques help in clearing this unnecessary garbage and guide us to live life blissfully.

It helps in:

  • Managing depression
  • Controlling phobias
  • Controlling past blocks, fears and shocks of life
  • Changing habits
  • Removing frustrations

6 customised sessions of 30 to 45 minutes each

(Live Better – Free yourself from the past) 

Inner Radiance Sessions:

Will help you to:

  • Enrich your life
  • Accomplish your goals/dreams
  • Increase your aura level
  • Energise yourself
  • Shield yourself from negativity
  • Get connected with the cosmic


6 customised sessions of 30 to 45 minutes each

(If you have not yet reached the limit of what you are capable of, Unleash yourself and live your Dreams) 

Inception Sessions:

An idea becomes reality only if it is properly incepted and planted in the subconscious mind.

NLP is the perfect tool to incept and plant visions in the subconscious mind – the most powerful path to reach your goals faster and easily. 

The need of customised sessions varies from person to person.