You are here not by chance.

You are here to unfold and rediscover yourself.

Within you, lies the key to blissful living.

Bliss is something which is not outside; which is not external. It is not something which has to be achieved, attained or to be reached. It is within us, in our very being, it is our true nature. We can experience bliss in every act we do. Bliss is not running away from what we are.

Bliss is all around You. You can experience it while watering plants; playing with your dog; kissing a rose flower; admiring a beauty; when you are in your beloved arms or love. You can find it in the smile; in the touch; in the beauty of a flower; in sunrise or sunset; in life or death, in happiness or pain, in laughter or tears. It is the way you experience and enjoy.

Strangely, instead of being blissful, we run away from it. Bliss is simple, Nirvana is very easy. It can happen to you at any moment, at any second.

Simple things in life, are most extraordinary.

Just think why you are not blissful? The reason is you are full of unwanted thoughts; surrounded by so-called problems, tensions and limitations.

No event or a situation has a definite meaning. You give meaning to the events occurring in life. The way you live, the way you condition your life, it is your ego that stops you from being blissful. The way you perceive and understand an event, your life starts moving in that direction.

We receive only that which we are willing to let in

Seek it, it cannot be found!

Numerous techniques are available and their single purpose is to take you to the path of enlightenment. Numerous meditations were formulated to show you the path of bliss. The Hindu text Vigyan Bhairav Tantra gives 112 methods; each one has the power to awaken the bliss. Each technique or meditation by itself is complete to reach the bliss.

Strange but true even after learning different techniques of meditation, bliss does not happen to you. You may become the master of a system but deep down you still miss the essence of the life. Bliss seems to be far away. It is not the technique or it is not the meditation method which is wrong. It is because you are full of garbage; you are full of unnecessary things; you are full of fear and negatives. With all this in you, you still want bliss to happen to you.


Think and Imagine:

  • Can bliss happen to you with all the garbage within you?
  • Can you be in meditation or blissful state without first emptying the garbage within you?
  • Can you truly meditate or be blissful without taking control of your past problems, failures and disappointments?
  • Can you experience bliss, ecstasy, nirvana without first emptying yourself?

Actually, you require a technique to remove the garbage from you; you require a technique to shatter your ego. You require a technique which can throw you apart. If this is done bliss will happen by itself, then no further effort is required.

This very moment, this very place, this very second, 

you will be in Bliss

We have different group and customised individual meditations. Some are

  • Inner peace
  • Mystique trance
  • Bliss in 10 minutes
  • Chakra meditation
  • Miracle Manifestation

“You are a guest on this planet, you are born here, so your ultimate truth is death. Be like a guest on this planet. Nothing ever belonged to you and nothing ever will belong to you. Just enjoy. Live blissfully every moment of your stay. The beauty is you living this life. You do not know how long you will be allowed to be here. So, this moment is your reality, live it totally, with “Bliss and Ecstasy”.

When you possess: “Life’s greatest treasure – THE BLISS”,

and try to tell others, seldom they will believe.