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Graphology/Handwriting and Signature Analysis Course

Graphology/Handwriting and Signature Analysis Course

This is a complete Graphology Course, which covers all the aspects of graphology from margin to alphabets.

This course is so designed that anyone who is interested in learning will not only be able to understand in-depth about self but will also be able to analyse others easily. When you spell out the deep hidden true characters of the person it can make the other person feel as if you have psychic ability.

It opens wide opportunities, you can apply the same in business, to understand about your employees, partners or bosses. You can use for icebreaking and developing friendship with strangers. It helps you to know about people with whom you are dealing. You can thus avoid or be careful with people who tell lies, have deceiving nature and can be far from people who have criminal tendencies.
Whether you are a student, employee, in business, housewife or just interested in expanding your skills, to understand others, then this course is for you and you will find that learning from Dr. Sanjaya Kumar ‘Acharyaji’ is not only very easy but also fun and enlightening.

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