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  • Crystals are used to correct, protect and enhance the energy levels of both persons and the place.
  • They are the most powerful energy source on earth. 
  • They were used in Pyramids. 
  • Crystals, gems, gold and silver were placed below the idol to enhance the energy levels in ancient temples. 
  • They are very intelligent
  • They have heart and soul
  • They get tuned to your vibrations
  • They take millions of years to form
  • They keep growing - under particular conditions


Crystals and their Uses



A stone to enhance career luck - remove negative energies and protect from evil spirits

It activates career Luck

It makes a man expert in business

It is a stone for those in authority

It increases intuition power

It makes a person alert

It increases vitality

It removes negative energy

It is used as talisman for protection

It is a stone for winning legal battles

Egyptians used Amethyst in swords and amulets for winning


Crystal Quartz

A stone of spirituality and healing

It enhances spirituality

It enhances health

It is widely used in healing 

It is a good stone for meditation 

It is used for cleansing chakras

It is used for activating chakra energies

All healers use Crystal Quartz


Rose quartz

A stone of love and passion. Creates name & fame

It enhances love 

It increases passion

It brings peace and happiness

It increases beauty

It increases confidence

It increases name and fame

Pair of Rose Quartz is a must in everybody’s bedroom


Blood Stone

A stone of name and fame, luck, confidence, victory and health 

It increases enthusiasm   

It removes fear and anger      

It is advantageous for victory in legal matters 

It attracts wealth if kept in wallet, cash box or pocket

It takes away negativity and sadness

It heals wounds fast

It improves digestion

It attracts wealth

It increases life span

It brings in name and fame

It brings in luck

It increases confidence and makes a person courageous

Egyptian kings and the Roman soldiers used to wear Blood Stone 



A stone of wealth, luck and family growth 

It attracts luck     

It attracts money

It increases wealth

It increases family growth

It protects from accidents

For the queens in India, the Jade was a must amongst their jewels



A stone for increasing sexual energies and balancing the reproductive system 

It increases happiness 

It heals and balances the reproductive system  

It improves sexual energy

It increases confidence

It improves speech

It strengthens voice

It protects from evil energies

It reduces blood pressure

Carnelian is a must for all couples



A stone of mental peace and luck

It protects the person physically and mentally

It gives the person relaxation and energy

It sharpens the sight

It enlightens the mind

It is used to drive away fever

It makes the person friendly

It is used in discovering hidden treasure

It attracts luck especially connected with ancestral property and wills

Queen Elizabeth has a large oval Agate amongst her jewels 



A stone of prosperity 

It attracts prosperity 

It increases success speed

It brings good fortune

It balances personal power

It gives mental peace and good sleep

Citrine is a stone for all professionals and business people


Lapis Lazuli

A stone of cosmic connectivity for power, wisdom, love and mental peace

It attracts cosmic connectivity

It increases wisdom

It increases power

It increases courage

It brings success in love

It increases knowledge

It regulates blood flow

It increases loyalty

A Wealth Vase is said to be incomplete without Lapis Lazuli



A stone of magical powers

It is associated with the magical powers of the moon 

It increases Intuition power

It enhances mental peace 

It keeps the mind cool

It enhances reproductive system

It attracts good fortune

It protects from harm and danger whilst travelling

Traveller’s Stone - in olden days people who used to travel used to carry a Moon Stone - It is a must for those in constant move and expect to move



A stone for protection from evil spells and black magic

It protects from evil spells

It protects from black magic

It removes worries

It removes fear

It lifts up enthusiasm

It increases spiritual strength

Onyx is a must for those who believe they are affected by evil spells and black magic



A stone for financial benefits

It is very beneficial in financial matters

It is lucky with regard to future events

It increases foresight

It heals and balances energies

It increases divine energies

It increases fluency in thoughts and work

Peridot - the name signifying in Arabic precious stone and it was at one time considered more valuable than the diamond



A stone of protection and power

It is a protector

It gives courage and strength

It increases power

It deflects away negative energies

It is good for travelling

It is very good for growth

Tiger Eye - the name signifies power and protection 



A stone for attracting opportunities and friends

It provides opportunities of getting wealth and prosperity 

It has the power to attract people

It gives success in achieving commercial goals

It enhances mutual love and affection

It helps with emotional change that brings balance

It is useful for comfortable and sound sleep 

It is protective and deflects away negativity

Miracles are said to happen in life when you can grasp the opportunities at the right time



A stone for connecting self to higher self

It connects self to higher self

It is universally recognised as a Venus Stone

It activates true affections

It enhances career flow

It is a healing stone

The pleasure of connecting with self is unexplainable



A Stone which enhances beauty and attracts customers and increases memory

It enhances beauty

It attracts customers

It activates chakras in the body

It sharpens eyesight

It strengthens memory

It attracts wealth and prosperity

Opal is the most beautiful and mysterious gem of attraction



A stone for securing your wealth and attracting business related deals

It protects your wealth if you place it in the cash box 

It creates success in business

It attracts luck in business related deals

It gives the vision to understand the difference between friends and enemies

It deflects away evil thoughts

It attracts health and cheerfulness

Can you dare not to secure your wealth?



A natural magnet securing magnetism between couples

It increases the bondage between couples

It attracts love of God

It increases vitality

It gives good health

It attracts wealth when kept in cash box

It attracts all that you desire when kept in Wealth Vase

It is a good protector from evil energies

LoadStone - a very good companion in the bedroom



A stone which changes your mood and increases concentration

It helps to balance and focus the mind on everyday tasks

It creates enthusiasm

It increases concentration

It protects you


Students love Jasper, it helps them to score good marks




Queen of heaven. sacred stone of Venus

It is used to attract lovers

It is used for ensuring continuous business success

It is linked with the magical powers 

It is used in meditation to strengthen skills, increase personal power and confidence

It is used in healing to treat a headache and migraine

A Malachite pendant if given to a child as a gift will protect him/her from illness and accidents.



A stone of personal truth and honesty

It helps to find courage to speak from the inner heart

It develops creativity and self-expression

It boosts willpower and inner strength

It teaches how to cope with change and 'go with the flow’

It increases connection with the Earth and draws in vital energies

It unlocks psychic powers such as clairvoyance, telepathy and empathy

A wonderful gift from Nature. If you leave a piece of it in a well, river, or a sacred site, you will be guided by Angel Spirits



A Solar stone, closely associated with the power of the Sun and masculine energies

It is a stone of passion and fertility

It balances the bodies’ electrical energy and strengthens the central nervous system

It protects the body from physical harm

It replaces unhappiness, depression with bright, Solar energy

It heals chest and throat 

It is used in charm bags, worn as jewellery and held while meditating or praying to draw good things in life

The Chinese believed that Amber was formed from drops of Dragon's blood which solidified when they hit the ground



A stone to create unexpected opportunities

It helps to solve a problem even when everything seems hopeless

It helps to lessen grief and relieves you of old emotions

It encourages creativity and spontaneity

It is an excellent stone to keep in a room where group of people are working, it creates harmony

Calcite is a stone which helps us to connect with our 'inner child' and creates energies of laughter and pleasure



A Stone which contains within it the combined essences of elemental earth and fire

It is an excellent stone for absorbing, grounding negative energies

It creates a powerful connection with the Earth

It is used in healing 

It is a powerful blood cleanser and purifier

It breaks through any barriers that may be holding you back such as fear, inhibition, guilt, worry or self-doubt

It creates a powerful connection with the Earth

Hematite is a stone which helps in faster recovery after childbirth or surgery

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