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Counselling is the process by a trained person on a professional basis of assisting and guiding clients, to resolve especially personal, social, or psychological problems and difficulties.

We professionally help our clients in dealing with their personal and interpersonal conflicts. Counselling will help them in personal growth and in resolving any personal or social roadblocks. We use Graphology, NLP and Hypnosis.

Counselling allows people to have an opportunity to improve their understanding of themselves, including their pattern of thoughts, behaviour, feelings and the ways which cause problems in their lives. It also helps them to examine how to tap into existing resources or develop new ones that enhance their lives and relationships.

We value our clients’ emotions, secrets and problems so all counselling sessions are done individually and no part of their life is disclosed to any one. We are merely helping our clients to come out of the problematic situations.

The Seven Stage Therapy and Counselling Process is:

Stage One:   

Assessment and diagnosis – Analysing the strengths and weaknesses of a person using Graphology (Handwriting & Signature analysis) tool, identifying the nature of the problem and suggesting what kind of therapy is suitable.

Stage Two:    

Discussing and accessing in detail the problematic issues, the complete lifestyle from childhood till date, in order to understand different aspects of life which could be affecting the present behaviour.

Stage Three:    

Formulation of counselling goals – To decide the number of NLP / Hypnosis sessions required.

Stage Four:      

Doing required number of NLP / Hypnosis sessions

  • To change an unwanted or unwelcome behaviour
  • To cope with life in a better way
  • To enhance relationships
  • To help clients’ journey of growth toward achieving potential

Stage Five: 

Giving grapho-therapy – corrections in handwriting strokes to assist the brain in getting the desired result.

Stage Six:        

Giving NLP / Hypnosis based exercises to practice at home.

Stage Seven: 

Following up the results and checking the grapho-therapy for over 2 months.