Aura is a field of subtle, luminous radiation, the psychic energy produced by our life force surrounding our body.

Auras are energy bodies, an electromagnetic energy that contains loads of information about what is going on within us.









Through Aura Chakra and Voice Reading, you can know:

  • Your Aura Chakra Frequency
  • Your Aura Size – Indicates how much energy you radiate around you

Goals / Foundation / Life Energy / Physical Activity

  • Confidence / Power / Creativity
  • Knowledge Level / Communication Level / Social Abilities
  • How far and how well you are reaching the desired goals
  • Your Mind – Body – Spirit Ratio / Graph
  • Your State of Mind and Body Graph
  • Your Energy Level Graph
  • Your current state of Energy Leakage
  • Your Aura, Chakra and Voice Reading will help you to determine the correct system to create balance and enhance the energy levels of your Energy Centres, Chakras. Thus creating a perfect balance in your life.