We all need money from time to time to run the chariot of life.

Do you want to be Richer, Wealthier, and Happier?

Have you ever realised how some people attract Money or Wealth very easily?

Do you think hard work and planning are enough for attracting Money or Wealth?

Do you believe cosmic powers, cosmic blessings, cosmic energies play a very vital role in attracting Money or Wealth?

Do you know how to use the vital powers of your vibrations, your emotions, your thinking in attracting Money or Wealth?

You are on the true path of becoming Richer Wealthier and Happier.

Acharyaji presents you an opportunity to feel, to see, to understand, to learn and to apply the most powerful Ancient Hidden Guided Secret methods used by Indians, Chinese, Tibetans and Egyptians in addition to the ultra modern Scientific techniques to create vibrations for attracting Money or Wealth.

The Law of Attraction is an universal force that responds to your energetic “signal” – which is a mixture of your dominant thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

In order to start attracting money (and other forms of abundance) into your life, you need to become more aligned with abundance than lack.


This workshop will teach you..

  • how to RELAX into greater abundance, easily and quickly.
  • an easy way to tell immediately if you are focusing more on abundance or lack.
  • a simple way to change your limiting beliefs for good so they no longer hold you back.
  • how to stop “blaming yourself” for everything that’s wrong in your life.
  • how to begin improving your thoughts starting right here, right now.
  • the power of visualisation and how you can achieve it easily.
  • how to open your mind to “inspired guidance” – and allow the universe to lead you to the easiest and fastest ways to receive more money.
  • how to quickly and easily release resistance that blocks abundance.
  • a super-simple, fun, FAST way to shift your frequency and begin attracting more money.
  • things that create prosperity.
  • simple corrections at home and office to attract money.
  • making of Wealth Vase an ancient Chinese technique of attracting money.