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Natural Herbal Incense sticks - Agarbatti’s


A set of 6 fragrances chosen according to the 

Element theory, Aroma theory and Vibrational Theory


Wealth: To attract Wealth in life balanced blend of natural oils, resins, herbs and aromatic materials are used in these Incense sticks.


Prosperity: To attract Prosperity in life exclusive blend of natural materials based on the ancient art of making “Dhoopas” are used in these Incense sticks.

Career / Business / Profession: To activate Career / Business / Profession a collection of creative fragrances, cherished from time immemorial for their medicinal and aromatic properties are used in these Incense sticks.

Divine blessings: Richness of spice with delicate freshness of florals in the woody background creates a SERENE ambience of "Divine Blessings”.

Joy and Happiness: A captivating, classical, oriental fragrance of a Floral, Fruity combination to experience the unforgettable and extraordinary special moments bring you "Joy and Happiness”.

Grah Shanti:

A devotional fragrance that creates the right ambience for "Grah Shanti” prayer, meditation, environment enrichment and aromatherapy bring you Peace and Harmony at home and office.


Energised Salt


Energised and Charged Salt helps you get rid of

Negative, Stuck and Blocked Energies.


Energised salt is used for: 

  • Cleansing Crystals 
  • Removal of Black Magic
  • Bathing to Cleanse Self from Negativity
  • Cleansing Premises from Negative Energies 
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